“The minute you’re satisfied with where you are, you aren’t there anymore.” - Tony Gwynn

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Business is the big driver of the economy. “Big businesses are the principal drivers of small business job creation” and small businesses are the main actors of the most modern economies in the world. We partner with clients of all sizes, industries and geographies to solve business growth challenges. Based on a deep understanding of industry dynamics and each of our clients' competitive landscapes, we help them define and implement strategies focused on delivering sustainable top and bottom line growth. Our aim is to boost our clients' market, product and business innovation initiatives by supporting them in planning, managing and executing innovation driven programmes.

Our work

Our core activities include:
  • Business strategy: Strategic market positioning, value proposition assessment, market and industry analysis, competitive landscape analysis, business planning, go-to-market strategy, planning and implementation;
  • Business development: Business development effectiveness analysis, pipeline optimization, customer segmentation and stakeholder analysis, structuring and execution of strategic and commercial partnerships;
  • Innovation consulting: Growth strategy, consumer research and market insight, innovation process improvement, digital and innovation branding strategy;
  • Investment and business brokerage: Acquisition screening, investment sourcing, investment marketing and data-room setup, due diligence, M&A advisory;
  • Financial engineering: Financial and growth planning, working capital and cash flow analysis, business valuation, capital structure and innovation financing;
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