“The minute you’re satisfied with where you are, you aren’t there anymore.” - Tony Gwynn

ABOUT BGT Consulting Group

Business - Government - Technology

BGT Consulting Group (Business, Government, Technology) is a boutique management consulting and business innovation advisory firm with a mindset focused on growth. We respond to the strategic, operational and regulatory demands of growing organizations operating in Business, Government and Technology settings, and help our clients to effectively deal with the whole array of challenges posed by incremental, transformational and breakthrough innovations.
We help companies build innovation resources, capabilities and core competencies, and create disruptive products, businesses and markets.

What sets us apart?

Big picture with an eye for detail

We believe that delivering exceptional value results from understanding the big picture of the industry you operate in combined with an eye for detail that only implementation- focused firms have. We believe that the wealth of knowledge we offer only pays off when effectively translated into a robust implementation plan. We become an extended part of your team, making sure that your vision is backed up by a feasible and sustainable operational plan, every step of the way.

Holistic and top-down approach

We tackle the challenges faced by growing organizations by applying a top-down, three- dimensional approach: 'business', 'government' and 'technology'. The 'government' perspective offers you relevant insights on how existing regulatory frameworks affect your industry. The 'business' dimension deals with your company’s strategic positioning and competitive environment. Finally, the 'technology' side brings you the operational plan necessary to transform your growth vision into tangible results.

Our clients are

Large industrial
Academic institutions
Research Centres
Academic institutions
Innovation Clusters
Technology Parks
Innovation Clusters
Public bodies and NPOs
Governments, Development
Agencies, Think-Tanks)
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