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Strategic growth: From opportunity to growth

Are you looking for your next growth opportunity? Do you need to build strategic thinking, resources and capabilities to foster innovation into your company? Are you looking for ways to expand your sources of revenue by leveraging your product or service portfolio? We believe that your growth and innovation strategy needs the insights and perspectives from independent, critical and growth-oriented specialists. BGT Consulting Group will help you identify and shape business growth opportunities.

Innovation financing: From concept to market

Are you interested in engaging with prospective investors and get a sense of how you can boost your investor readiness? Are you looking for sources of funding for the development and commercialization of your next innovation? With budget for the next five years surpassing € 80 billion, Europe has a wide range of financial instruments ready to help high-potential companies develop their own next breakthrough innovation. At BGT Consulting Group we specialise in helping you find public funding opportunities for your research and innovation needs.

Internationalization: From local to global

Are you looking for new commercialization and exploitation routes for your brand new product? Are you seeking to establish a joint participation in a R&D consortium with technical and financial cooperation at national and international level? We offer assistance in helping innovative companies establish solid go-to-market strategies. BGT Consulting Group will help you find strategic partners to maximize your success in your commercialization and internationalization venture.
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