“The minute you’re satisfied with where you are, you aren’t there anymore.” - Tony Gwynn


Business – Government – Technology

BGT Innovation Labs is the innovation 'arm' of BGT Consulting Group, focusing on providing collaborative and open innovation services to business innovators. Our team works with European leading partners and networks to foster disruptive innovation across high-impact sectors. At BGT Innovation Labs, we are shaping the industries of the future.

Energy & Low Carbon Technologies

Sustainability & climate change

Circular economy & Valorization of resources

Digital & emerging technologies

Industrial & space technologies



Blue economy

Education, skills & social impact

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Collaborative innovation
Bringing innovators together
  • Open innovation programs
  • Startups/corporate innovation programs
  • Challenge-based innovation programs
  • Living-labs, test beds and proof of concepts innovation programs
Market analysis, policy & regulatory analysis
Uncovering disruptions and innovation trends
  • Industry, market & technology trend analysis
  • Benchmarking, competitive landscape analysis
  • Cross-sectorial regulatory and policy analysis
  • Research & regulatory impact analysis
Scaling-up innovation
  • Innovation internationalization missions
  • Tailored learning expeditions, fact-finding, and exploratory missions
  • International VET-research-industry collaborative partnerships
  • Access to global value chains & international VET networks
Education & training
Bringing innovation into the VET ecosystem
  • Professional training, lifelong and VET ecosystem
  • E-learning & knowledge hub platforms for lifelong learning and VET education
  • Innovative blended e-learning: immersive reality, micro-learning, and gamification
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