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The Fuel Cells and Green Hydrogen Centres of Vocational Excellence towards affordable, secure, and sustainable energy for Europe project aims to close the existing skills gap in the fuel cells and clean hydrogen industry. The project will establish the H2Excellence Platform of Vocational Excellence that will create and implement lifelong learning offers and develop transnational curricula.[...]
The Centres of Vocational Excellence in Smart Farming and Sustainable Food Systems project aims to respond to the existing and emerging needs of an “agriculture of the future”. The project will work on contributing the necessary soft and technical skills needed for a transformed agriculture sector, covering the priority areas of digitalisation, decarbonisation and sustainability.[...]
The goal of this project is to develop, integrate and demonstrate a scalable prototype of a precision agriculture data analytics platform (FEED) for the Indian agriculture market. FEED will be a “first-of-its-kind” precision agriculture platform for crop growth and yield forecast, fully relying on non-interpolated EO data and crop type and soil reference data (e.g., crop growth models, soil and water requirements databases). The FEED platform will be built using our core innovation in self-learning-based AI powered forecasting engine technology that develops, trains and validates models[...]
The Tourism4.0 project aims at developing a capacity building, technology transfer, support, and assistance programme to enable tourism sector SMEs to adopt and leverage emerging digital technologies, in order to improve their productivity, sustainability and overall business performance. Its main objectives are: 1. Technical and business assistance; [...]
H2GLOBAL aims to contribute to positioning Europe as the world’s technological and industrial leader in the green hydrogen economy. The main objective of the project is to build-up a partnership of European leading clusters to configure a “European Strategic Cluster Partnership – Going International” focused on cluster cooperation and internationalization tailored to supporting and promoting hydrogen-related businesses, technologies, and services. [...]
The livestock sector currently constitutes the world’s largest user of natural resources: with 80% of all agricultural land used for grazing or animal feed production and 8% of the global water use, primarily for irrigation of feed crops. Livestock farming contributes 18% of human produced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide including agricultural waste products accounting for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. [...]
The SEED’s project ultimate objective is to fully develop and commercialize a disruptive energy forecasting solution for the Indian market, based on an innovative self-learning and AI-powered atmosphere forecasting system using Satellite Earth Observation Data. In this action, we have supported in the delivery of a technical, financial and market feasibility study, together with the development of a business plan based on input collected directly from a pilot end-user, an Indian renewables energy producer. [...]
The envisaged innovation of our company is the development, implementation, and commercialization of a local short-to-medium-term atmosphere forecasting Software-as-a-Service platform for climate and energy forecasting applications based on original self-learning modelling technologies from high- resolved space-based earth observation data maintained in a Big Data platform. For validating and realizing the full potential of the innovation a number of complex and specialized tasks have to be executed in preparation of full-scale implementation. [...]
The overall objective of the proposed innovation project is the implementation and commercialization of a flexible probabilistic energy forecasting and Model Predictive Control (MPC) Software-as-a- Service (SAAS) platform for different types of energy companies (e.g., utilities, distributors, power plants, wind, and solar parks), as a response to the increasing need of tools for reliable, economic planning and operation of power systems towards a 100% renewables future. In this action, we have supported in bid writing and technical analysis, including market and business analysis towards scale up and market roll out. [...]
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