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If you have an innovative idea and would like to have it assessed for various public funding schemes, we would like to hear from you. If you'd like to know more about our services please contact us

Strategy: Identifying the right funding scheme

We help our clients obtain funding through public grants, focusing mainly on European and national funding instruments within the fields of research, development and innovation (R, D & I). Due to the large number of EU funding schemes available, research organizations as well as large, small and medium enterprises are often faced with the challenge of identifying a funding instrument appropriate for their R&D, technology and/or innovation initiatives. We assist our clients with the “what, why and how” of each funding scheme and help them find the best fit for their project's concept, ensuring their chances for success are maximized.

Development: Developing your funding proposal

In this phase, we assist our clients in drafting the formal proposal, focusing on its administrative and technical aspects. Having thoroughly established the concept, approach, and excellence of the project idea, we make sure that necessary resources and capabilities are in place so as to enhance the proposal and make it a strong 'candidate' for funding. Our work covers the full range of proposal aspects, for example, alignment with the EU work programme, prior art search processes, spearhead research, technical concept(s), commercial exploitation plan, dissemination plan, descriptions of work packages, management structure and project methodology, budgeting, etc

Delivery: Reviewing and submitting your proposal

We evaluate your project proposal to ensure it fits with the EU programme and give you constructive feedback using official assessment criteria in order to improve your chances of receiving funding. This process follows an iterative approach until we are confident that our clients are in a strong position to be competitive for funding. Along the process, we send project-specific feedback backed up with research material, which can serve as a basis for improvement in subsequent iterations. By bringing in experts able to provide feedback and perspective on the business and technical side of our clients' proposals to the ex-ante evaluation process, we mimic the course of the official evaluation process. We team up a business expert with a technical expert on the topic of each proposal.
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