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Development: Developing your funding proposal
In this phase, we assist our clients in drafting the formal proposal, focusing on its administrative and technical aspects. Having thoroughly established the concept, approach, and excellence of the project idea, we make sure that necessary resources and capabilities are in place so as to enhance the proposal and make it a strong 'candidate' for funding. Our work covers the full range of proposal aspects, for example, alignment with the EU work programme, prior art search processes, spearhead research, technical concept(s), commercial exploitation plan, dissemination plan, descriptions of work packages, management structure and project methodology, budgeting, etc. All these aspects can be addressed and delivered separately or as part of a final and comprehensive proposal.

We offer:

  • Alignment with the work program: Our assessment provides constructive feedback and insights on how to best align your proposal with the work programme topic you are targeting.
  • Project feasibility and financial analysis: We assess the proposal's credibility by examining how project outcomes may contribute towards expected impact as set out in the work programme. We investigate the market prospects and technical soundness of the proposal, with particular focus on how far it advances state-of-the-art and how far it may strengthen the competitiveness of EU economy. Where appropriate, we investigate, through an in-depth financial analysis, the soundness of respective underlying business models and the credibility of the implementation and commercialization plans.
  • Project budgeting: We advise on the proposal's budget, ensuring it is aligned with the work programme rules and expectations, as well as contributions and responsibilities of respective partners involved.
  • Work plan: This analysis includes a discussion of the overall structure of the work plan; it includes a detailed work description that covers management structure and procedures, the project structure, the list of work packages, milestones, deliverables and resources required.
  • Dissemination and implementation plan: We provide recommendations on how to disseminate and commercially exploit the project results, as well as approaches and concrete measures to be taken for delivering innovation to the market.
  • Consortium and partnership setup: We assist applicants in setting and drawing up a consortium agreement. We identify and advise potential partners necessary for projects, whilst ensuring that common vision, goals and compatible expectations are in place.
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