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Delivery: Reviewing and submitting your proposal
We evaluate your project proposal to ensure it fits with the EU programme and give you constructive feedback using official assessment criteria in order to improve your chances of receiving funding. This process follows an iterative approach until we are confident that our clients are in a strong position to be competitive for funding. Along the process, we send project-specific feedback backed up with research material (e.g. market studies, state-of-the-art assessments), which can serve as a basis for improvement in subsequent iterations. By bringing in experts able to provide feedback and perspective on the business and technical side of our clients' proposals to the ex-ante evaluation process, we mimic the course of the official evaluation process. We team up a business expert with a technical expert on the topic of each proposal. Our team combines professionals from a wide range of scientific backgrounds, such as: Health, ITC, Energy, Blue economy, Environment, Space, Biotechnology, e- Government, etc.

We offer:

  • Proposal review: Our business and technical experts provide detailed written feedback on how a proposal may be improved. All our formal and content-oriented tips are aimed at maximizing the chances of success of your application.
  • Ex-ante evaluation: Having on board experienced EU-funding experts, we conduct mock reviews, evaluate your proposal and score it against the award criteria set out for the type of action you are applying for.
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