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REGULUS: Regional probabilistic energy forecasting using high-resolution space-based data

The overall objective of the proposed innovation project is the implementation and commercialization of a flexible probabilistic energy forecasting and Model Predictive Control (MPC) Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) platform for different types of energy companies (e.g., utilities, distributors, power plants, wind, and solar parks), as a response to the increasing need of tools for reliable, economic planning and operation of power systems towards a 100% renewables future.


In this action, we have supported in bid writing and technical analysis, including market and business analysis towards scale up and market roll out. Specifically, we developed a study, presented as deliverable of the REGULUS project – funded by the European Regional Development Fund, aimed at providing both a preliminary market and financial feasibility analysis of the further development of the proposed underlying system/technical solution, prior to the full product development and roll out to the German and European market. REGULUS provides a model-predictive control engine associated with a big data platform as a tool for predictive modeling and short-to-long-term probabilistic forecasting for players in the whole energy value chain (e.g., renewable asset owners, TSOs, utilities, IoT and smart grid energy suppliers).

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