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TOURISM4.0: Capacity building and peer-learning transnational supporting scheme towards smart, innovative and sustainable tourism

The Tourism4.0 project aims at developing a capacity building, technology transfer, support, and assistance programme to enable tourism sector SMEs to adopt and leverage emerging digital technologies, in order to improve their productivity, sustainability and overall business performance. Its main objectives are: 1. Technical and business assistance; 2. Peer-learning, training, and awareness support; 3. Financial support to tourism SMEs. These goals will be achieved by:

  • Building network platform that will bring SMEs, technology providers, public authorities, and tourism stakeholders to build an ecosystem for knowledge transfer, peer learning and innovation uptake;
  • Developing an open innovation challenge aimed at identifying digital SMEs/start-ups with disruptive solutions to the tourism sector;
  • Developing funding scheme to assist tourism SMEs in digital transformation and innovation uptake, through Innovation & Feasibility Assessment Projects, in cooperation with innovation service providers;
  • Digital technologies skills upgrading, mentoring and assistance programmes run by technology and business experts to build capacity, know-how and technology transfer opportunities;
  • Supporting smart innovation and novel initiatives via partners from cross-disciplinary areas including ICT, digital technologies, and sustainability;
  • Use cases identification or flagship initiatives to demonstrate SMART tourism solutions to allow for cross-regional and transnational transfer of best practices;
  • Promoting workshops/webinars/conferences on new trends and routes for post-Covid recovery, including networking with public/private tourism stakeholders and investors.

Tourism4.0 will assist over 100 tourism and digital SME/start-ups, stimulating digital transformation and innovation uptake towards improving economic, environmental and well-being outcomes. The consortium to be established is based on a multi-disciplinary partnership composed of 10 organizations from 6 European countries (IT, PT, HR, ES, PL, MT) operating in tourism, innovation, and business services sectors:

  • Federturismo Confindustria (FEDERTURISMO);
  • Tourism Innovation Center (NEST);
  • City of Dubrovnik Development Agency (DURA AGENCY);
  • Digital Cluster of Catalonia (CATALUNYA);
  • Malta Business Foundation (MBB);
  • Tourism Cluster of Extremadura (CLUTUREX);
  • Croatian Hotel Association (AECH);
  • Technology Park of Andalusia (PTA);
  • Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce (RIGP);
  • Wisdom Guardian Lda (YooniK).

Site of the project: www.tourism4-0.eu

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