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SustainableFarm: Manure-to-energy and organic fertilizers solution: smart eco-technology for efficient and sustainable farming, through valorisation of manure

The livestock sector currently constitutes the world’s largest user of natural resources: with 80% of all agricultural land used for grazing or animal feed production and 8% of the global water use, primarily for irrigation of feed crops. Livestock farming contributes 18% of human produced greenhouse gas emissions worldwide including agricultural waste products accounting for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. The EU alone produces 1.4 billion tonnes of manure per year. Yes, most of the farmers have no access to robust solutions to manage manure in a sustainable and cost effective way. Further, there is an increasing pressure on land use and environmental regulations aimed at ensuring good agricultural and environmental agricultural practices.

The SustainableFarm innovative solution aims to reduce environmental impact of livestock farming through providing farmers solutions to operate sustainably by using integrated affordable, modular, and scalable waste-to-energy platform, able to able to convert manure into biogas and organic fertilizers, with the right nutritional properties for their farms (unlike manure which brings a number of disadvantages).

The developed solution and opportunities provided through this project will allow us to acquire an innovation associate able to address some of the existing technical challenges of our SustainableFarm innovative disruptive solution in livestock farming market worth around €27bn in EU.

EcoNomad Solutions aims to reduce environmental impact of livestock farming through providing farmers with eco- technological solutions for agricultural waste reduction and sustainable resource management. SustainableFarm will contribute to our innovation capacity enhancement and resourcefulness to deliver our latest proprietary manure-to- energy and manure-to-organic fertilizer solution.

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