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The public sector plays a key economic and social role in our global economy. People around the world are influenced daily by the public sector and the government in its role as a regulator, service provider and/or employer. We understand that the government and public sector's goes much beyond the creation of economic value, as social value is also at stake. That is why we make sure that our clients understand how European and global policies and legislative issues may impact their industry and business goals. We help our clients develop a compelling strategy and plan for accessing and executing research and innovation public funding schemes.

Our work

Our core activities include:
  • Studies and research: Specialized studies across numerous industries, impact assessments, public policy recommendations;
  • Regulatory intelligence: Regulatory impact analysis, EU legislation and regulatory monitoring;
  • Public funding: Identification and monitoring of varied sources of public funding for Research and Innovation (e.g. Horizon 2020), proposals and tenders preparation, ex-ante proposals evaluation, consortium management, capacity building, bid management, budgeting, deployment and dissemination plans;
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