“The minute you’re satisfied with where you are, you aren’t there anymore.” - Tony Gwynn

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Technology is a huge driver of economic growth. Any tangible asset relies directly or indirectly on innovation and technology in many different ways. As an important business enabler, technology is a crucial instrument in the delivery of a company’s vision. We help companies create growth through business technology. We aim at delivering high-quality technology consulting services, proven methodologies and insights that positively impact business outcomes. We align and bridge the gap between a company’s existing IT and technological capabilities and its business, financial and operational growth strategies.

Our work

Our core activities include:
  • Studies and research: Business technology insights, impact assessment, operational and technology due diligence;
  • Business technology strategy: Business technology and governance assessments, business continuity, risk assessments;
  • IT strategy & operations:: Infrastructure and service acquisition, IT operational planning, operational impact assessments;
  • Outsourcing solutions: Technology outsourcing, off-shoring, IT project management;
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